Envious Dreams

Independent Women Body Candles


We love an independent woman so why not show it off in a candle form as well?! 

Our Independent Women candles are more for visual decoration, however, if you'd like to burn them we recommend placing them on a small dish or wax burner, as soy wax typically melts and can get a little messy. Once lit, keep away from furniture and flammable sources to avoid the risk of fires. Then use any remaining wax in a wax melter. This allows you to not waste the wax while keeping the amazing smell!

Features Height: 10cm | Width: 5cm

Please note:

  • Colour can display differently from what's shown due to scents or frosting in the candle. But we believe it just makes it more unique as every woman is
  • Some chipping will happen at the bottom of them because the wax is super brittle
  • Every candle is made with the same amount of colour and scent but there might be some colour differences that we cannot control this does not affect the burn or scent of the candle
  • Made with 100% high-quality soy wax 

NOTE: 4-5 day turn around currently on our Independent Women candles 


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