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⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ Tamara B.

white winter dreams xo

I was super uncertain when I purchased my new Jamis….I’m fussy, I like what I like, and I immediately don’t like what I don’t like…if that makes ANY sense!

I had never heard of envious dreams, so I had reservations…what if they aren’t legit, what if the quality is bad…the price point is awesome, but does that mean I’ve compromised on quality???

Well I am SO glad I bought my new PJ’s from Envious Dreams….I DID NOT COMPROMISE on ANYTHING!!! Service - amazing, delivery - amazing, presentation - amazing, QUALITY - A-MAZING!!!!!!!

I WILL be ordering again, I love them 🤍 I have wasted countless dollars on terrible jamis only to be unhappy…well Envious Dreams have fixed that for me, and I won’t be going anywhere else 🙌🏽


Get walking in our Plush Slippers

Evie Maree Mcclelland

Looking to find the perfect pair of slippers? Look no further! Made with plush faux fur and a solid rubber sole, these slippers are the perfect indoor and outdoor shoe. To make it even more perfect, you can personalise it with your own initals!



Sleep in Style

Jasmine Hendriks

These pyjamas are the perfect blend for comfort and style. Working from home? Perfect! Always look your best no matter what your doing anytime of the day. Just as Jasmine does here in our Blush Pink Autumn pyjamas.



Can't go wrong with a Classic

Sarah Leonard

Made with the perfect touch of luxury, these pyjamas will make a statement before you head to bed and when you wake up. Being soft, silky and with a personal touch, these pyjamas are a must have in your wardrobe, just as Sarah has in our Black Autumn pyjamas.