Real Wedding | Joanne + Dejan | April 2023

Welcoming our April 2023

Real Wedding

Joanne + Dejan

We are so excited to be sharing with you our beautiful brides and their very special wedding days, to give you helpful tips and inspiration of their experience, showcasing their ED favorite additions.  

Congratulations to Joanne + Dejan who married in the most beautiful venue Leonda by the Yarra, in Hawthorn Melbourne.

How did you and Hubby meet?
We met through our friends who were dating at the time and they set us up, thinking we were very similar to each other and matched us up.
Tell us about your proposal. 
We went to the Gold Coast in 2021 for my birthday. The day before my birthday, Dejan had organised a "whale watching" activity so I thought nothing of it. When they arrived, it was a small charter boat with a cute set up of a rug and a cheese board and it was only us two. I was still oblivious and went along with it. I asked the captain if it was likely to see any whales and he said no and said it would be more dolphins. We set sail and just before the sun set, Dejan mentioned that he had requested a song. I was thinking "huh why would you do that". And then it clicked in my head. Dejan asked me to look to my left and I saw a sail down with the words "Will you marry me?" We celebrated and enjoyed the rest of sunset in awe. 
Where did you get your style inspiration from?
A lot of pinterest and tiktok.
Which ED product did you buy and for who?
I initially bought the boba pj's gift box for all my bridal team to ask them to be a part of my big day! I ended up buying my bridal white pj set to wear on the day too because I wanted a nice set myself.
How did your personalised pyjamas make you feel wearing them on your wedding day?
We actually all wore them to sleep the night before and just had them on. They felt super comfortable and luxurious that I felt it made me calm before the big event happened. I was relaxed in them.
How was the quality of your pyjamas?
I love my set and still wear it all the time now. After so many washes, they have the same feel to them.
What drew you in to shop from us?
The bubble tea won me over instantly as the girls and I love bubble tea. It was very unique to gift them this set specifically as no one else has them but traditionally with the pj set to wear on the day.
Are you happy with your photos wearing your personalised pyjamas?
I am so happy, we looked super cute in them! I just wish we took more photos 
What did you enjoy most about your wedding planning?
Cake tasting was really fun and menu tasting too! But also envisioning our day as we visited the places we were celebrating at as well as photos. It was nice to imagine it all coming together.
Do you have any little helpful wedding planning tips?
Delegate task specifically to people instead of writing down things that need to be done. I did that and in the end, no one did the task as it was forgotten about.
What advice would you say to your past self, now that your future self has experienced your wedding?
As much planning as you do, things will be out of your control. Everything will turn out amazing anyway, you're gonna love it all regardless.
What was the most memorable moment of your wedding day?
First look with now husband. We couldn't stop crying and were very speechless.
What were your top 3 priorities for your wedding?
Our main focus is just us, whatever it was, nothing was more important than us being together and happy, photos and ensuring that i was dancing and drinking. 
What was the biggest surprise on your wedding day?
My half-sister coming to my wedding as I thought she was overseas.
Did you use any apps or planning programs to help with your journey?
Excel, Word and pinterest.
What song was played for your first dance?
Work for art by Benson Boone.
Did you get any personal time with hubby throughout the day? How did you plan this?
We got some time during our first look as well as just before our ceremony. We told our bridal team to head towards the ceremony first as we took a few photos before we headed there and we just walked and talked on our way there.
Did you use a wedding planner/co-ordinator and how did this help with the process?
Nope, I did everything myself.
What costs most surprised you when planning your wedding?
Styling our ceremony and reception. It kept adding up as we wanted the place to look special and it turned out exactly how we wanted.
How did you feel walking down the aisle?
I remember walking down and just thinking "don't cry don't cry" because I ugly cry and I just focused all my attention on my fiancé. 
Additional information that I think is super cute:
To help with the post-wedding blues, we had our reception pack up 2 meals as 2 guest ended up not coming to the wedding on the day ( it will happen but it will be okay), we reheated up our amazing reception food and dressed back up into the wedding suit and wedding dress. We had a moment to ourselves to sit and eat our food properly and remember the day. It was a super cute idea seeing each other dressed up again. I would highly recommend doing this if you can. 
Photography - Duuet Weddings
Thank you Joanne + Dejan for sharing your beautiful day with us and our community.  We wish you all the happiness in the world xxxx